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Facts of Cancer

Cancer is going to be the number one killer in the world by 2010!

Cancer is a group of over 100 diseases that causes the cells in your body to grow to an uncontrollable level, as their normal growth regulating mechanism experiences an imbalance due to numerous external and internal factors. Many of the reasons for this scenario to occur are still unknown to medical science.

Each cell containing all the relevant genetic information forming over 80,000 pairs of genes work in harmony, and thus control the activity or growth of each and every cell. According to some of the most important Cancer research done in the late 1970’s, scientists discovered that the development of Cancerous cells are the outcome of specific genes, like the ones that control division, getting damaged irreversibly.

Though the cells in your body are exposed to so many Cancer causing agents, in most cases this does not lead to Cancer in anyway. This is because the cells can repair the damaged genes themselves, and therefore continue to function quite normally in a healthy body. Furthermore, if this course of action were to somehow fail and the damaged genes result in the advancement of Cancerous cells, the body’s natural immune defense system would then proceed to kill off such cells well before they get the leeway to multiply and cause tumors.

Types of Cancer

There are countless types and subtypes of Cancer and any one of these can develop into solid tumors in related parts of the body. The most common among them are Prostate Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Liver Cancer, Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer, Throat Cancer and Cervical Cancer. All of these types are most proficient in spreading throughout the blood and lymphatic system at a rapid pace, and so in advance stages often causes secondary tumors to develop in not very far off places in the body.

Causes of Cancer

Genetic and external aspects are the most commonly known causes of Cancer, but many other unknown factors are allied with it as well. For example, the most commonly known external cause of Lung Cancer is closely associated with cigarette smoking, Stomach Cancer and Prostate Cancer are linked with unhealthy eating habits and excessive consumption of alcohol, Skin Cancer is believed to be caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, Liver Cancer, Bone Cancer and leukemia are said to be related partly to the Epstein Barr, HIV and Hepatitis C viruses.

Among the older population, the causes of Cancer are related to the fact that the generic damage to these genes would have had much more time to develop than in younger people. This occurs as a result of the body’s natural defense mechanism slowing down considerably, thus becoming less efficient in controlling or preventing the disease effectively. Since life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 40-50 years, Cancer is going to be the number one killer in the world by the year 2010. Consequently, the present leading cause of death being coronary heart disease will be pushed into second place accordingly.

Natural Cancer Cure

From time immemorial, the medical world has been trying exceptionally hard to find a comprehensive Cancer cure that will effectively eradicate this disease from the face of the earth. But up to now, doctors have been successful in surgically removing tumors that are only visible to the human eye. This has been supplemented with the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other cocktails of powerful drugs. Most of the time when these conventional therapies are administered, it is often too late since the Cancer has by then progressed to an advanced stage and hence is irreversible.


New therapies are currently being developed; such as finding methods of preventing the damaged genes from sending any messages to normal cells, which then stimulates them to turn Cancerous. Also research is ongoing to discover Natural Cancer Cures that will enhance the immune system of the body, so that it can fight Cancer effectively from within its natural environments. However, all these new concepts are still basically in the experimental stages and consequently could take several years if not decades, to find the ultimate Natural Cancer Cure.

Herbal Cancer Treatment

Herbal Cancer treatment is probably going to be the most tried and tested Natural Cancer Cure technique in the coming years, which will seriously challenge the more traditional western methods of treatment. At present, quite a number of convincing claims are being made of effective Natural Cancer Cures that seems to have produced astonishing results. These methods of cure basically entail the use of common and rare herbs, plants, seeds and roots consisting of well known healing properties.

The fact also remains that, in most of the traditional Chinese and local remedies of South Asian countries, herbs play a major part in the healing process of many common diseases including several types of Cancer. Another area that is generating keen interest in favour of a viable Natural Cancer Cure is in the therapeutic qualities of certain fruits, vegetables, high fiber rice and cereals.

What is appealing so well with Natural Cancer Cure routines is that, it is extremely gentle to undergo and completely non-invasive unlike the more traditional western methods of treatment. Although some will understandably be skeptical about most of these Natural Cancer Cure claims, that are being talked about so widely in the world today, the reality is that numerous people have been completely cured of many common types of Cancer by using such Natural Cancer Cure methods. And it seems this trend will continue in the foreseeable future as well, since more and more people are being healed of this disease with the aid of such herbal and other Natural Cancer Cure remedies.

Those who will certainly benefit the most from Natural Cancer Cures will be the poorer sections of the third world countries, who can ill afford the high cost of futile western methods of combating this disease. As such a feasible Natural Cancer Cure which exploits the secret healing powers of freely available herbs, seeds, fruits and vegetables will be a genuine life-saver and god-send to all those who are suffering from this horrifying disease. This does not alter the fact in anyway, that the well to do societies in other parts of the world will also gain immensely from a comprehensive Natural Cancer Cure.

Reality will so dictate, given that it will be easily accessible and affordable in any culture or social order. Moreover, it will be completely pain-free and pleasant to undergo that is divergently dissimilar to the traditional harsh methods of Cancer treatment. Therefore, a unique Natural Cancer Cure is all but a foregone conclusion which will provide humanity with enormous benefits for all time to come.


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