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Definition of Herbs

Herbs are basically plants that have either a scent, flavour, or some other valuable supplementary quality. Different varieties are largely categorized as culinary, medicinal, botanical and even spiritual herbs. Generally, usage differs considerably between culinary and medicinal herbs. When utilized for culinary purposes; specific sections of the plant, distinguished as either leafy green vegetables or spices that may also include fruits, berries and shrubs, are taken for consumption accordingly.

Furthermore, some plants are even classified spice as well as herb; such as coriander leaves and seeds, dill weeds and seeds which vastly contrast in definition to others. Botanical herbs in particular, are normally described as non-woody plants. Culinary types of herbs are mainly used in varied proportions to provide colour, flavour and also as preservatives to food, rather than for substance itself. Medicinal herbs on the other hand, are numerous types of plants that essentially include: leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, resin, bark and trees. The different segments of these herbal plants are supposedly administered in minute and secret proportions, in order to heal various abnormalities in the human body.

Herbal Therapy or Herbalism

Herbal therapy: also commonly referred to as Herbal Cancer Treatment exploits the use of precise medicinal herbs for the treatment and cure of Cancer, in addition to numerous other diseases. Fundamentally, an extensive assortment of plant species, extracts and fungal organisms are carefully selected for these methods of treatment also referred to as Herbalism.

Ancient inhabitants in some continents, especially in the South East Asian region, have been using indigenous and therapeutic plants or herbs for exclusive healing purposes that have produced extraordinary results for centuries. In fact, even the use of spices and herbs in cuisines distinctively unique to these cultures, were developed as deterrents to germs or pathogens which were believed to be food-borne. Spices containing potent anti-microbial qualities were preferred in most food recipes, since it was known to restrain or kill the development of harmful bacterial micro-organisms. Meats were apparently spiced up much more than vegetables, as it was susceptible to spoil faster due to having less resistance to these hazardous microbes.

It has been well documented that the use of herbs in Chinese medicine as a popular tradition for local remedies, have been practiced for the last 2000 years or longer. In actuality many of the present day drugs have evolved from meticulous Chinese herbal concoctions. The majority of these Chinese herbal therapies or Herbal Cancer Treatments are predominantly used, to rejuvenate and strengthen the body’s natural immune system. These preparations are essentially in the form of complex and surreptitious formulas, essentially consisting of medicinal herbal cocktails and other ingredients, which are normally dried up and ground into pill or capsule form.

These powerful Herbal Cancer Treatments are also typically made in concoctions of liquid form, ideally containing two or more main ingredients to target specific maladies such as Cancer. Where some components are meant to act chiefly on the infirmity, while the others cancel out any harmful toxicity that may be present within the basic formula itself. It is then administered to the individual on a strict case by case basis over a stipulated length of time, depending on the anomaly that needs to be rectified.

In some of the initial Chinese manuscripts on herbs, a total of more than 365 plants with compelling therapeutic properties had been listed. These probably date back to as early as 2700 BC. Subsequent to the Middle Ages, countless number of books continued to be written, clearly signifying the level of importance placed on medicinal herbs by the inhabitance of that time. Evidently, the pre-dominant use of herbs to treat and cure many diseases, were mostly widespread in the non-industrialized civilizations right up to about the thirteenth century.


Regrettably, the second millennium steadily witnessed the slow attrition of the superlative position held by these magnificent herbal therapies, which exploited rich sources of natural healing to the utmost. This situation came about principally as a consequence of introducing the mainstream physician, who brought about the dynamic chemical prescription revolution.

The reality that pharmaceutical drugs are prohibitively costly and detrimental was no deterrent to these toxic chemical activists in anyway. They blatantly continue to propagate its extensive use throughout the developed world right up to the present day. While also conveniently ignoring the fact that more than 25 percent of all modern-day drugs are derived from therapeutic plant species or herbs, a third of which numbering over 35,000, originates from the developing nations. The propaganda of these mainstream lobbyists carries on relentlessly, persisting in promoting only the other 75 percent of lethal conventional compositions to helpless or even option-less patients, universally.

Herbal Cancer Treatment

Regardless of these disappointing truths; at present scores of researches such as microbiologists, pharmacologists, botanists and chemists who endorse genuine natural remedies, are combing the entire earth’s surface in search of herbs and plants with distinctive phytochemicals qualities. This is done with the greatest of enthusiasm in the hope that whatever new discoveries are made, it could possibly be developed to treat and cure diverse diseases. Moreover, many conventional campaigners clandestinely acknowledge that although Herbal Cancer Treatments usually take effect only over a period of time, it supplies crucial immunological and nutritional sustenance to the body which chemical-based pharmaceutical drugs are just unable to offer.

The foremost purpose of Herbal Cancer Treatment is basically prevention, and failing with this endeavor, it then proceeds for the comprehensive cure option. Towards this aim, alternative Herbal Cancer Treatments use an extensive combination of herbs in varying quantities. These herbs interact and augment their individual therapeutic properties, in turn engineering multiple healing effects inside the human body. Such unique characteristics are woefully absent in basic pharmaceutical medication.

Normally contemporary treatments tend to have only a single chemical ingredient, as opposed to several compounds grouped together into a solitary drug. Since diseases that human beings develop are multi-factorial in nature, treating these with herbal assortments are believed to be much more efficient than with conventional drugs of lone composites. Bold claims are even being made by some advocates of Herbal Cancer Treatments, to the extent that a mere solitary herb is capable of simultaneously rectifying a number of internal bodily irregularities. It is widely implied that these very imbalances are believed to cause specific diseases such as Cancer to emerge.

In summery; Herbal Cancer Treatments concentrate on an enormous network of factors or relationships within the body, rather than pursuing a single aspect of treatment or cure. The therapy primarily attempts to get at the origin of the problem and then resolve it, before trying to heal the symptoms of the disease itself. Due to this gripping reality, herbs or Herbal Cancer Treatments have been used extensively in most Asian civilizations. Fighting Cancer naturally, without the awful side-effects generally associated with conventional treatments, has never been more rewarding to those who practice or make use of these methods of healing with the greatest of conviction.


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