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Alternative Medicine

This is basically termed as any healing process or health care system that does not come under the sphere of conventional treatments, but has shown to produce reliable and commendable results. It is impressively known to have the distinctive ability to cure most diseases known to mankind, including Cancer. What also needs to be stressed is that medicine defined as alternative in one continent may be considered mainstream in another, especially in the Oriental and South Asian cultures.

Alternative Cancer Cure therapies are most often based on precise health regimens that generate unique and efficacious healing tendencies inside the body. Little scientific evidence supports this theory though, compared to the meticulous standards of authentication employed by traditional medicine, to substantiate such beliefs of a comprehensive cure. Rather it entails exclusive methods of healing that literally encompasses cultural and historical inclinations, with even modest or no scientific verification desired or required by such alternative practitioners.

Some examples of these therapies include: Herbalism, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine. In the majority of these Alternative Cancer Curing treatments, in addition to a combination of other routines, it allocates considerable importance on healthy diet-based rehabilitation to accomplish rapid recovery of the body from any ailment.

Several mainstream campaigners have frequently begun to advocate that such Alternative Cancer Cure techniques should be complimented with conventional treatments as well. But quite appropriately an enormously significant section of the alternative therapy community has vehemently opposed this notion, since the diversity in these two healing foundations is understandably far too conflicting. It is therefore coherently preferred instead to emphasize solely on this distinctly exceptional approach of healing, rather than clustering the two procedures together which would simply complicate and compromise both methodologies adversely.

Usually any claims of accomplishment made by these Alternative Cancer Cure practitioners are rarely or never accepted by the conventional lobby, because there is almost always a lack of strong collaborative evidence of efficacy and safety allied with these treatments. Such unfortunate realities have caused the conventional lobby to typify Alternative Cancer Curing therapies, as just a set of practices that either could not be confirmed, reject confirmation, or even fail basic validation on a consistent basis. Conversely, if a certain Alternative Cancer Curing practice establishes credible scientific evidence of effectiveness, along with supplementary secure procedures of implementation, it is then considered mainstream medicine and not alternative any longer.

As a general rule; alternative medicine tends to fall short of the so-called concrete scientific evidence-based characterization of medicine, typically required by the mainstream advocates. Lamentably, this is the existing reality of these inimitable healing methods, regardless of its time-tested and expansively proven efficiency in curing many infirmities of the human body. Besides, this regrettable scenario has caused many mainstream activists to epitomize Alternative Cancer Curing methods as either evidence-less remedies, or even refusing to describe it as medicine by any contemporary classification.

Nevertheless, a few sensible mainstream researchers argue that imposing the credible evidence-based constrains on Alternative Cancer Cure therapies are inequitable. This is due to the fact that many modern measures of healing identified as mainstream, are deficient of these identically stringent standards of solid scientific evidence. But they all concur in unison that any system of therapy or medication, whether alternative or conventional, ought to have at least a very bare minimum policy of entrenched evidence in order to warrant unconditional acknowledgment from the wider community.

Despite the vast setbacks faced by these genuine Alternative Cancer Curing methods, unjustly depicted as dismal, awkward or even fictional, the undeniable fact remains that the outcome it fabricates is extensively recognized and endorsed by a noteworthy majority of mainstream activists. Furthermore, it is also clearly accepted by these traditional crusaders that an ideal state has still not been attained, by either alternative or conventional treatments, as the ultimate evidence substantiated medication.

Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda therapy is a particular native system of remedies that has been chiefly practiced in the Indian subcontinent, with claims of astounding accomplishments in the treatment and cure of countless so-called incurable diseases, including many common types of Cancer. Ayurveda has now begun to be acknowledged widely by the developed world as a viable Alternative Cancer Cure method of treatment, having benefited innumerable sufferers of this disease in the last few decades. Having evolved effectively through the centuries, Ayurvedic remedies continue to remain a decisive and highly influential form of Cancer therapy in numerous South Asian cultures.


The word Ayurveda is of Sanskrit origin and is a combination of two meanings: Life and Knowledge or The Science of Life. The initial literature on these powerful healing methods appeared during the Vedic period, while there were also significant works demonstrated in the Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita texts of that era as well.

At the time, Ayurveda practitioners discovered a huge number of medicinal formulas and even surgical procedures, which cured an array of diseases such as Cancer with immense success. As dictated by heritage, Ayurveda is essentially an annexure of the four central Vedas or awareness frameworks. The most renowned of which were the Charaka Samhita, that dealt in minute detail to the prevention and cure of disease, while the Sushruta Samhita concentrated solely on surgical solutions.

Ayurveda is fundamentally built upon the foundations of the five grand metaphysic elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Space and Water which is believed to be the edifice of the entire universe and more specifically, the human being. The other seven constituents are: Chyle or Bodily-Fluid, Blood, Bone, Flesh, Fat, Marrow and, Semen or the female reproductive requisites, are understood to be the key rudiments of the body.

Also in the scheme of Ayurveda, the supreme balance of the following three specific essentials: Air or Spirit, Bile and Phlegm, are strongly emphasized on since these are said to be symbolized by divine might. Accordingly, these three precise regulatory basics are envisaged and perceived to be of paramount importance to the human body, in maintaining an appropriate balance of the internal mechanism so that it could function flawlessly.

Therefore, in Ayurvedic treatment it is considered enormously imperative to provide these three prerequisites, along with the other seven components, with an absolute equilibrium.  This is in order to enable the human being to survive and thrive on this earth, with little or no possibility of demise by way of disease. The Ayurvedic philosophy also propagates that preventing any malady merits wider prominence than curing it; as such the radical changing of negative lifestyle is compellingly recommended.

These transformations would ideally center on healthy diet and physical exercise, which brings together mind and body or soul and conscience, into perfect unanimity thus engineering vibrant health. Moreover, this is primarily initiated so as to align, direct and harmonize the body, with the four seasons of nature that would in turn ensure complete wellbeing of the individual.


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