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Human Health History


Have you ever wondered as to why the body’s cells develop into Cancer, only in certain individuals and not in the entire human population?


The answer is ridiculously simple: Habits of Unhealthy Lifestyle!


It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt by new studies that the human race was very much healthier centuries ago, with profoundly active and robust lifestyles than the present day inhabitants. The various illnesses that ravage the world today such as Cancer, heart disease, soaring cholesterol and so on, were essentially never heard of during those ages. Although it has to be admitted that the average life-span of those populations were much less than what it is today. This was primarily because of poor child mortality rates and incurable diseases taking a heavy toll at that time. Subsequently, these issues were resolved due to remedies being discovered in the succeeding years.


Comparing this historical scenario to the abysmal health levels of modern society is horrendously pathetic to say the least. Both ancient and contemporary science will undeniably vouch for this bleak fact, by providing plausible evidence of past and present human-health records.


Harmful Human Habits


When human beings cultivate routines of existence that are contrary to what it should be, the outcome generates far-reaching and destructive consequences. The professed fast-food or other fashionable lifestyles of today, which eventually leads to untold suffering and miserable deaths, could merely be avoided by proper and healthy living. Take for instance the origination of Cancer: If explained in the simplest of terms, it is basically a disease that occurs as a result of the natural immune defense system becoming exceptionally frail. This is strongly ascribed to an apparent imbalance in its structure, believed to be derived in principle to adverse characteristics of human lifestyle.Thereafter, certain genes set in motion a deadly turn of events that causes the cells in the body to multiply uncontrollably, which then develops into obvious tumors.


Notably, such lethal proceedings transpire only when the body loses its God-given tenacity to naturally wage war and defeat any foreign intruders or influences, it deems to be perilous to its very existence. And once this becomes the actual plight of the body, it grows pathetically weak and ends up being susceptible to even the most mundane forms of disease. After reaching this stage, and depending on how soon the malady is discovered, Cancer could easily snuff out a person’s life in a matter of months or even weeks.

Furthermore, it has been determined that all the above events usually take place when peculiar and injurious substances are introduced to the bodyBut medical science is unable to discern up to now whether this singular external action alone, is what results in any concealed or lucid discrepancies in the body’s environment. Such vicious alien rudiments could enter it by way of some hazardous environmental or chemical compounds. It also seems that these negative external factors which produce the initial disparity in the body’s natural settings, are much greater than the internal aspects of this predicament. Some would argue that hereditary attributes could cause any number of diseases, including Cancer, but the percentage of this trait is relatively negligible compared to the exterior dynamics of the problem.  Besides, the outer concerns of the difficulty could exclusively be regulated by the potential candidate itself, whilst the inner complexities are beyond one’s power to manipulate favorably.


Therefore, what is strongly believed is that the inevitable impairment to the immune system is typically self-inflicted by the landlord of the body itself. Perhaps this leads to the progression of Cancer or similar conditions which most often are fatal, and concludes in a degradingly painful death. But this does not have to be so by any stretch of imagination, provided suitable and cautions care is taken well ahead of this lethal situation.


So how can this precarious circumstance be avoided or even controlled? By simply thwarting the body from reaching this state of affairs right from the very inception! It need not be stressed that the human body is incredibly intelligent and astute, knowing exactly what it needs in order to survive in this world’s intense atmosphere of inconsistencies. Thus, a healthy and vigorous lifestyle is all what is required to achieve complete wellbeing of the person. This fundamental truth needs to be addressed adequately and forcefully so that the required awareness could be created to the larger population.


Daring Daily Diets


By providing the body with appropriate natural foods, it can defend and cure itself of most diseases with the least effort. In addition, it will progressively attempt to organize and fortify the immune defense system against any future threats that it perceives to be forthcoming. Also well established scientifically; is the austere fact that the body always tends to react favorably to natural ingredients as opposed to elements of chemical compositions, in fighting any disease, especially Cancer. Hence, by consuming specific Cancer Fighting Foods the probability of comprehensively preventing or curing any type of Cancer is significantly superior and feasible.


The most commendable Cancer Fighting Foods that would provide the greatest natural nourishment to the body are organic fruits and vegetables. Such Cancer Fighting Foods, devoid of any contaminated substances, are inclined to work much more efficiently in strengthening the body’s inner surroundings effectively. Thus, supplying it in abundance with these rich natural sources of sustenance will be enormously beneficial in combating Cancer or similar ailments.


The persuasive endorsement of healthy diets consisting of proven Cancer Fighting Foods, along with energetic lifestyles, could play a major role in the scheme to successfully defeat Cancer by natural methods. Healthy organic foods will indisputably enhance the body’s immune system, consequently protecting the individual from many such preventable diseases. This is despite the fact that most conventional advocates would convincingly make you believe otherwise. They will vehemently imply that undergoing the poisonous traditional treatments of radiation and chemotherapy is the only way to cure Cancer. And that no matter which routine of food therapy or any other natural remedy is exploited; it would not suffice in healing a disease of such nature.


It is just not so, and has not been so, for numerous sufferers of Cancer in certain continents of the world. This is particularly true for most inhabitants in the Asian regions. Societies in these particular countries primarily use an assortment of wholesome Cancer Fighting Foods in their daily diets, which appear to have produced amazingly positive results over the last couple of decades.


Cancer Fighting Foods


Some of the more compelling Cancer Fighting Foods, which constantly attempts to accomplish this endeavor, are various types of organic fruits and vegetables as mentioned below. The ample consumption of such foods could avert or rectify any imbalances in the body’s immune system with satisfactory outcomes. For example, fruits that hold moderately high volumes of Vitamin C have extremely potent antioxidant agents that assist in boosting the immune defense system considerably. This in turn, rejuvenates and enables it to combat and conquer virtually any infirmity in its environs.


Precise fruits having remarkably distinctive Cancer fighting properties that would certainly enrich an individual’s diet with unparalleled nutritional and other vital advantages are:


Avocado, Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Figs, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemons, Mangosteen, Oranges, Pomegranate, Peaches, Papaya, Pineapple, Red Grapes, Raspberries, Soursop and Strawberries.




Specific Cancer fighting vegetables having many phytochemicals and antioxidants, which would supplement and play a central role in sustaining the body further are:


Asparagus, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cantaloupe, Celery, Broccoli, Brussels Sprout, Bell & Chili Pepper, Egg Plant, Kale, Parsnip, Manioc or Cassava, Tomatoes, Zucchini and the following varieties of Mushroom: Agaricus-blazei, Coriolus-versicolor, Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi.


Additionally, several recent studies have indicated that diets containing Omega-3 fatty acids, found generally in sea food, can be categorized as other highly efficacious Cancer Fighting Foods.


Profoundly Promising Potential


With these multiple combinations of natural and safe Cancer Fighting Foods; no disease however incurable some may claim to it be, is too overwhelming for the body to heal all by itself. Most importantly by supplying it with a regiment of such unadulterated nutrition, immensely encouraging results have surfaced in countless Cancer victims. Given the correct nutritional discipline, by utilizing natural Cancer Fighting Foods to the fullest, anyone can effortlessly live a healthy life. This is regardless of the fact that many complications have tried to cut short the human being’s existence since the beginning of time.


Basically, what is required is for the body to be treated considerately and sensibly with all the respect and regard it deserves. In return, it will reward its owner with a long, healthy and contented life that is completely free of disease and distress. As more and more people comprehend the unique benefits of using Cancer Fighting Foods as comprehensive natural remedies, the need to employ destructive conventional Cancer treatments will surely become obsolete in the next few years. Accordingly, traditional Cancer therapy will end up as a fixation of the past that would just be assigned to the books of ancient history.


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